Al Culliton

‘A very fine bar, wherever you are’

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

both lead to perfect fall fêtes

Daron 5 Year∙Byrrh∙Peychaud's∙lemon peel
Necessity is oft the mother of invention. The "Bentley Boys," a crew of British auto racers who won at Le Mans in 1930, drove through the night to London for their victory party, only to find Calvados and Dubonnet were the only bottles left. We use Byrrh, which retains more of the quinine flavors that would have been found in the original Dubonnet.

Old Overholt∙Laird's∙Yellow Chartreuse∙Peychaud's∙cherry
This boozy classic is named for the Diamondback Lounge in the Lord Baltimore Hotel, which was built just before Prohibition went into effect. Rye and applejack ground the drink in a timeless American milieu, while its continental refinement comes from yellow Chartreuse, the mellow younger brother of the liqueur's green variety.

Poire Martine
Plymouth∙Dolin Blanc∙Poire Williams
Our original recipe for a martini fit for fall. Plymouth Gin is earthy and smooth, Dolin Blanc lends vanilla and flowers and French eau-de-vie Poire Williams adds a subtle pear flavor. Once again, we end up among the trees, this time in the orchards of France.

Oloroso Flip
Gutiérrez Colosia∙sugar∙whole egg∙allspice
At Al's, we love sherry. It was a staple of drawing room drinks trays all over England for a very long time. But it is just as at home in a cocktail as it is in its traditional tiny wine glass. Here we use the oloroso variety which lacks the heaviness of Pedro Ximénez but stands up to the egg in ways that Fino or Manzanilla never could.

Highland Fizz
The Famous Grouse∙Sandeman Tawny∙lemon∙sugar∙egg white∙club soda
We're off to Great Britain with this effervescent drink. It features smooth blended whisky from Scotland and port, a wine which was originally "fortified" with additional alcohol to survive the sea voyage from Portugal to England.

Pierre Ferrand Cognac∙ginger∙lime∙Founder's Porter∙nutmeg
Al's take a pre-Civil-War drink. Brandy, ginger, lime and nutmeg are ideal flavors for fall and it's all topped with malty, weighty beer in the porter style.

Underhill Punsch (served hot)
Plantation 5 Year∙Batavia Arrack van Oosten∙green tea∙sugar∙lemon∙lime
A relic of the trade efforts of the Swedish East India Company in the eighteenth century, Batavia Arrack is distilled from sugarcane and fermented red rice. It has long been used as the base for Swedish Punsch, which is a term that can refer to either a bottled product or a homemade concoction. We choose to use green tea, which would have also been imported into Scandinavia at the time.

Bourbon & Cider (served hot)
Old Grand-dad Bonded∙housemade spiced apple cider∙sugared cranberries
We make our own hot cider with warm baking spices to create autumn in a cup. Here we use bonded bourbon, which means that the whiskey is produced at one distillery over the course of one season, aged for a minimum of four years in new charred oak casks and bottled at 100 proof. This warming beverage is garnished with sugared cranberries to reinforce the autumnal sentiment.