Al Culliton

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Oloroso Flip
Gutiérrez Colosia∙sugar∙whole egg∙allspice
At Al's, we love sherry. It was a staple of drawing room drinks trays all over England for a very long time. But it is just as at home in a cocktail as it is in its traditional tiny wine glass. Here we use the oloroso variety which lacks the heaviness of Pedro Ximénez but stands up to the egg in ways that Fino or Manzanilla never could.

Highland Fizz
The Famous Grouse∙tawny port∙lemon∙sugar∙egg white∙club soda
We're off to Great Britain with this effervescent drink. It features smooth blended whisky from Scotland and port, a wine which was originally "fortified" with additional alcohol to survive the sea voyage from Portugal to England.