Al's Bar

Traveling Cocktail Service

Al’s Bar is a charmingly refined cocktail outfit offering curated menus and comprehensive service for small events from house parties to weddings. We serve the New York metropolitan area, the Catksills, the Berkshires, and beyond. You’re sure to be the toast of the town with Al’s Bar on your side!

tuxedo club

As classic as they come

Pierre Ferrand Cognac∙lemon∙Cointreau∙sugar rim
First published in Harry MacElhone's Harry's ABCs of Mixing Cocktails in 1922, this fantastic brandy cocktail is a descendent of the surprisingly-more-complicated Brandy Crusta, which dates back to the 1850s.

Tuxedo No. 2
Plymouth Gin∙Dolin dry∙Luxardo Maraschino∙orange bitters∙Pernod
Named for the Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park, New York (yes, where the American term for dinner jacket originated), this cocktail is a complex Martini that reflects the gentility of its origins.

Al's Best Manhattan
Rittenhouse 100∙Punt e Mes∙Peychaud's bitters∙cherry
At the Manhattan Club in 1874, this hallowed cocktail was born. It's not just a beautiful thing in its own right, but it has made for many notable variations.

Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail
Rittenhouse 100∙ sugar cube∙bitters
Often considered the first cocktail ever. It's still popular today because it is perfect. If you keep the ice, a pastis rinse and a mix of Peychaud's and Angostura bitters will make it a Sazerac!

Brown Derby
Four Roses∙grapefruit∙honey
A delicious vestige of the golden age of Hollywood, this cocktail is named for a hat-shaped restaurant on the Sunset Strip. It was invented down the street a the Vendôme Club, owned by Billy Wilkerson, who founded the Hollywood Reporter.