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cocktail classes

We’ll travel to your home or office to teach a group of any skill level about how to make great cocktails! Read about our standard offerings below. We can accommodate up to a dozen students in a class. One-on-one training, as well as custom classes, are available upon request!

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We’ll get comfortable using bar tools and you’ll learn to shake, stir and build a variety of drinks. This class also includes an overview of the main spirit categories and discussion of what to keep on your home bar.


The cocktail came into being right here in the U.S.A.! This class focuses on antebellum drinks. Learn how to make a proper mint julep, sherry cobbler, brandy smash, old-fashioned or port flip! We’ll talk about technique as well as history.

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The golden age of cocktails

This one’s all about cocktails that came about from the Civil War era all the way through Prohibition. We’ll focus on the classics we still revere today: Manhattan, Martini, daiquiri, gimlet,Tom Collins and Jack Rose. See why they’ve lived on for more than a century!


We have cocktail tools available for purchase at any of our classes. We offer starter kits for shaking or stirring or a combination! Glassware sets and deluxe versions of the aforementioned kits are also available.