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Summer in the alps

Spritz Liscio

dry white wine∙currant syrup∙soda∙mint
The spritz evolved much like caffe americano, where outsiders came to Italy, found their coffee to strong, and began added a spritz of water to it. Late in the nineteenth century, the spritz would have mixed still white wine with sparkling water. It wasn't until the 1920s that the spritz incorporated bitters like Campari and Select. This spritz liscio is flavored with housemade currant syrup and a mint garnish.

Aperol∙lemon∙dry sparkling wine∙lemon twist
The Aperol spritz has become quite popular outside of Venice in recent years... because it's incredibly delicious. This is a take on the Bicicletta - dry white wine, Campari and soda; here we're using a little bit of housemade lemon syrup with Aperol and dry sparkling wine. It's fresh and satisfying, especially when paired with a sunny 80-degree day.

Beefeater∙Campari∙Cocchi di Torino∙orange twist
One of cocktail culture's most beloved inventions. Born circa 1920 in a bar in Florence, the Negroni was a modification of the Americano highball, which is also a riff: a Milano-Torino with the addition of soda water. With the very stable structure of equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, it may just be the perfect cocktail for a summer's evening.

Black Manhattan
Wild Turkey∙Averna∙bitters∙cherry
A contemporary classic of the Brooklyn cocktail boom, the Black Manhattan subs in bitter Sicilian amaro, Averna, for sweet vermouth. It's a horse of a different color! Having that gentian and bitter orange backbone makes the bourbon element taste even rounder. We garnish ours with the inimitable Luxardo Maraschino cherries, imported from Italia!

Artemisia Gimlet
Beefeater∙lime∙Dolin Genepy des Alpes
People love this drink. Who doesn't want a gin gimlet at a summer fête? Genepy is a special addition - it's related to both absinthe and Chartreuse and hails from the French and Swiss Alpine regions. It's produced from the flowers of an herb that belongs to genus Artemesia, which also counts wormwood among its number. Genepy is one of those continental liqueurs that is produced both by distilleries as well as in the homes of the region's inhabitants.

Amaro Sour
Amaro Lucano∙Old Overholt∙lemon
Spicy rye plays well here with citrusy-bitter Lucano, a mild yet pleasing digestivo. The classic whiskey sour made with amaro as the primary component and American whiskey taking a backseat makes it the spaghetti western of the cocktail world. Pleasantly unusual, full of drama, and a little campy, this sour is sure to please the crowd and spark interest among your guests in the world of Italian amaro.